Message from our President

Welcome to the Alexander Foundation,

This Foundation, which is inspired by Alex Schon who was born with Cloverleaf syndrome, was started in 2003. Since then, with the help of several family members and numerous great volunteers and big-hearted donors we have been very privileged to help make life better for various parents and their children. Recently, I got an email from a parent whose daughter was born with Pfeiffer Syndrome. He told me with the medical bills piling up and the fact that he lost his job, he was just asking for a little help. It was heart breaking, but because of the foundation, we were able to help catch up his bills for his daughter’s medical care and hopefully give the family room to get back on their feet.

Another imperative part of the foundation’s goal is to educate the public in the mistreatment and the misinterpretation of people with special needs. Most of us could use a lesson in the way we act towards people that sometime aren’t just like us physically or mentally. We at The Alexander Foundation are determined to spread this message to as many people using as many outlets as possible.

The last thing I want to say is without the enormous support we have received from our kind donors and tireless volunteers we wouldn’t be able to continue building the foundation or continue our outreach and educational goals. Thank you very much for your support; it means everything to us.


Dave Schon, President
The Alexander Foundation