Hugs, Handshakes & High Fives


One of the goals of the foundation is to educate people in two specific areas:


1. The foundation wishes to educate the public about the mistreatment of people with disabilities and to publicize positive interactions and events involving people with disabilities. The foundation believes that most people wish to be fair and unbiased toward others and that most discrimination is a result of lack of education on the topic, not malicious intent. So, the foundation will promote communication and education as keys to changing the perceptions of those who discriminate.


2. The foundation wishes to accumulate and to publish news in various treatment options for parents/caregivers of children with cranio-facial related issues, with a specific focus on Cloverleaf Syndrome. The foundations intent is to publish all appropriate information without bias, noting both positive and negative reports on treatments.


Financial Assistance

Parents/caregivers with children who suffer from cranio-facial issues face multiple financial challenges while trying to provide their child with the best options to improve their quality of life.


At times, health insurance policy decisions provide limited options for the care of a child with cranio-facial issues, which forces parents/caregivers to make decisions in favor of their child’s well-being that can have a devastating impact on their personal finances.

It is a vicious cycle that can severely compromise a parents/caregivers ability to properly obtain quality care for their child.

Motivated by this knowledge, it is a goal of the foundation to help parents/caregivers of children with Cloverleaf Syndrome or other types of craniosynostosis with financial assistance through 501(3)(c) foundations (hospitals, schools, etc.).