Hugs, Handshakes and High Fives is a children’s book, geared toward children in grades K-3. It is the story of a super-child named Travis who has the uncanny ability to brighten people’s thoughts about how they look at and treat others – all by using hugs, handshakes and high fives.

The Alexander Foundation published this book in an effort to raise awareness about how people with disabilities are treated and to promote a more positive way to interact with all people. It is the hope of the foundation that this book can be distributed to all elementary school libraries, public libraries, doctor’s offices and other areas in local communities that will help spread the message. All of the proceeds from this book go directly back to The Alexander Foundation to help achieve its goals.

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If you would like to help The Alexander Foundation spread this positive message, please purchase a copy or copies of the book and distribute them to schools, hospitals, libraries or other places in your local community.  Getting this message out will help raise awareness about how we treat those with disabilities and will hopefully cause a change in the way people treat those who are different than them.